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23/05/18: Post-doc 12 mois "Silicon nanowire fabrication, hydrogen production and photoelectrochemical cell"   

Post-doc position in LCP, in collaboration with LPICM, in the framework of the Z-Scheme project funded by NanoSaclay

Summary: Postdoc in the field of Silicon nanowire fabrication using plasma assisted vapour-liquid-solid (VLS) method in plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) reactor, quantum dots, hydrogen production and photoelectrochemical (PEC) cell.

Candidate’s profile: Highly motivated postdoc with a strong background in photoelectrochemical (PEC) cell, heterojunction and hydrogen production (photocatalytic water splitting) including semiconductor synthesis and advanced device characterization.

PhD degree in physics, physical chemistry, materials science, electrical engineering, or similar field with strong hands-on experience in semiconductor materials and device characterization.

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Contact NanoSaclay: M.N Ghazzal, LCP

L. Krzaczkowski, dépêche du 23/05/2018

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15/05/18: Offre de thèse "Nouveaux matériaux composites polymère à base de particules de diamant"   

Offre de thèse, au CEA/LIST - démarrage en sept/oct. 2018

Titre: Nouveaux matériaux composites polymère à base de particules de diamant pour des applications à hautes performances thermiques et mécaniques

Résumé: le projet vise à étudier en profondeur les possibilités offertes par le diamant sous forme de particules pour la réalisation de composites. Le travail abordera l’étude des interfaces diamant/polymère qui régissent en grande partie les propriétés thermiques et mécaniques des composites. L’influence de la morphologie des particules, de leur diamètre, de leur dispersion en taille, sera analysée. ...

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L. Krzaczkowski, dépêche du 15/05/2018
4/05/18: Post-doc 30 mois "Magneto-electric transducers for Spin Wave Computing"   

Post-doc position in C2N, for the multidisciplinary research project CHIRON, a project funded by the European Commission (H2020-FETOPEN)

Title: Magneto-electric transducers for Spin Wave Computing

Summary: The Post-Doc will design, fabricate, characterize and model magnetoelectric (ME) spin wave (SW) transducers in tight interaction with EU partners. ME transducers consist of coupled piezoelectric and magnetostrictive layers. The oscillating strain generated in the piezoelectric layer by an external RF excitation changes the magnetic anisotropy in the magnetostrictive material periodically and thus generates SWs. These SWs can propagate in a waveguide fabricated out of the same magnetostrictive material or can be transferred to a waveguide by exchange or dipole interactions. Taking advantage of mechanical resonances can enhance the coupling between electric and spin domains. ...

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L. Krzaczkowski, dépêche du 04/05/2018

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