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11/09/2017 - Recrutement d'un post-doctorant "matériaux ferrimagnétiques"   

In the framework of the FEMINIST research project, a 1-year post-doc position is opened in UPSUD-LPS.

Summary: The project aims at studying the physics of current induced torques in ferrimagnetic nanostripes using magneto-transport measurements. It would hire a postdoc for 1 year to develop transport measurements to characterize current-induced torques. These experiments will be performed over a large range of temperature and magnetic field in order to take full advantage of the specificity of ferrimagnetic materials, the magnetic compensation with MS=0. They will be compared to ongoing imaging studies on Domain Wall (DW) dynamics on the same systems. Another year of funding on a is available to EXTEND the postdoc on a very close TOPIC namely spintronics in antiferromagnets .

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L. Krzaczkowski, dépêche du 11/09/2017
11/09/2017 - Recrutement d'un post-doctorant "oxydes"   

In the framework of the AXION flagship, a post-doc position is opened in CEA. The candidate will have experience in oxide thin film deposition by PLD and/or magneto-optics. He/She must have a PhD in a relevant field of Physics

Summary: The materials of interest are antiferromagnets (AF) which will thus be deposited in thin film form and characterized. The goal of the proposed work is to affect the antiferromagnetic order in a controlled manner using either electric fields, strain, spin currents or heat. AF order will be imaged by second harmonic generation before and after each stimulus is applied. Measurements will also be carried out in time-resolved fashion using pump-probe measurements.

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L. Krzaczkowski, dépêche du 11/09/2017
01/09/2017 - Recrutement d'un post-doctorant "oxydes fonctionnels"   

In the framework of the AXION flagship, a 18-month post-doc position is opened. The candidate will be a PhD in materials science, physics or chemistry, and ideally specialized in ALD. Offer from GEMaC in UVSQ

Summary: The main objective of AXION project (labex Nanosaclay flagship) is to endow the Paris-Saclay campus with a dedicated tool, namely ALD (atomic layer deposition) for the growth of large-area and high-quality oxide film on silicon wafers (2 inches).

You will be mainly involved in the ALD growth and characterization of perovskite oxides such as the multiferroic BiFeO3. With two research engineers, you will use newly purchased ANNEALSYS MC050 ALD/CVD equipment, develop the optimization of growth processes (ALD sequences, fast annealing, ) in order to achieve epitaxy on SrTiO3 and/or Si substrates. You will characterize structural/chemical properties (XRD - XRR, AFM, ...

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L. Krzaczkowski, dépêche du 01/09/2017

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18/09/2017 - Recrutement d'un post-doctorant "imogolites"   

In the framework of the DIM RESPORE, a 1-year post-doc position is opened in UPSUD-LPS. Candidates should be experimentalists.

Subject: Multiscale dynamics of water in metal-oxide nanochannels

Dynamics of water in well-defined geometries should be a multiscale process involving an interplay between vicinal interaction with the pore wall and constrained dynamics inside the restricted geometry of the cylindrical pore. The post-doctoral researcher will mainly deal with dynamical experiments at different time scales, namely Time-of-Flight and neutron spin echo experiments and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Dispersion. The objective is to obtain a consistent set of new data about the multiscale dynamics of water in model nanoporous media (namely, hydrophilic and more hydrophobic nanotubes), and to present a first global picture of the associated ...

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L. Krzaczkowski, dépêche du 18/09/2017

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