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02/10/2019: Offre de post-doc dans le domaine de la microscopie  

18/24-month post-doc offer, in CEA/SPEC- starting January 2020

Title: Magnetic microscopy with magnetoresistive sensors

Summary: The postdoc will work in the frame of the ANR JCJC project CARAMEL. The aim of the project is to develop a novel characterization tool of the magnetic properties of the material surface with an expected submicron resolution by combining very sensitive magnetoresistive (MR) sensors and atomic force microscopy. This microscope could have possible applications and impact in various domains from fundamental to industrial. New perspectives for material characterization and analysis will be opened, for example in situ following, non-destructive testing and nanometrology.

Candidat profile: Doctor in Physics (Condensed Matter). Solid theoretical and experimental background in nanomagnetism/ scanning probe microscopy

English detailed offer

Contact NanoSaclay: A. Solignac, CEA/SPEC/LNO

L. Krzaczkowski, dépêche du 02/10/2019

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